Four short links: 14 March 2017

Maps for Cars, Container Metrics, Game Patent, and QR Scams

By Nat Torkington
March 14, 2017
  1. The Most Detailed Maps of the World Will Be for Cars Not Humans (Ars Technica) — a great point, well stated.
  2. ctop — top for container metrics.
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  4. The Tapper Videogame PatentVideo game in which a host image repels ravenous images by serving filled vessels.
  5. QR Code Scams — paste your own QR code over the merchant’s, and customers happily pay your account instead—e.g., Users normally can scan a code to unlock rental bikes; by attaching their own QR code to the bike, fraudsters can fool bike riders into transferring $43—the same amount as Mobike’s required deposit—to their account.
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