Four short links: 15 August 2019

Data Businesses, Data Science Class, Tiny Mouse, and Training Bias

By Nat Torkington
August 15, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. Making Uncommon Knowledge CommonThe Rich Barton Playbook is building Data Content Loops to disintermediate incumbents and dominate Search. And then using this traction to own demand in their industries.
  2. Data: Past, Present, and FutureData and data-empowered algorithms now shape our professional, personal, and political realities. This course introduces students both to critical thinking and practice in understanding how we got here, and the future we now are building together as scholars, scientists, and citizens. The way Intro to Data Science classes ought to be.
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  4. Clever Travel Mouse — very small presenter tool, mouse, and pointer.
  5. Training Bias in “Hate Speech Detector” Means Black Speech More Likely to be Censored (BoingBoing) — The authors do a pretty good job of pinpointing the cause: the people who hand-labeled the training data for the algorithm were themselves biased, and incorrectly, systematically misidentified AAE writing as offensive. And since machine learning models are no better than their training data (though they are often worse!), the bias in the data propagated through the model.
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