Four short links: 15 Feb 2017

Docker Data, Smart Broadcasting, Open Source, and Cellphone Spy Tools

By Nat Torkington
February 15, 2017
Four short links.
  1. Docker Data KitConnect processes into powerful data pipelines with a simple git-like filesystem interface.
  2. RedQueen: An online algorithm for smart broadcasting in social networks (Adrian Colyer) — This paper starts out with a simple question “when’s the best time to tweet if you want to get noticed?,” detours through some math involving “solving a novel optimal control problem for a system of jump stochastic differential equations (SDEs),” and pops out again on the other side with a simple online algorithm called RedQueen.
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  4. Open Source Guides — GitHub’s guide to making and contributing to open source. GitHub’s is nicely packaged into visual and consumable chunks, but I still prefer (newly updated) Producing Open Source Software. The more people know how to do open source, the better.
  5. Cellphone Spy Tools Flood Local Police Departments — caught my eye because I’m pondering visiting the U.S. this year, and I’m not a fan of surrendering devices for search. My current line of thought is: if CBP/popo are going to take a device from me and plug it into their software, hardware, and network … it just has to look like a phone. Next challenge: making a large capacitor look like an unlocked iPhone.
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