Four short links: 15 May 2020

Park Downhill, VR DOS, WASM COBOL Pong, Scaling Engineering Teams

By Nat Torkington
May 15, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Favourite Developer-Efficiency TipsBefore putting a project or incomplete task away, make notes of what the next thing was that you were going to work on. This lets you bypass that 10 minute orientation getting back into the project the next time you pick it up. I’d not heard it called that before. All the suggestions are very good.
  2. VR-DOSan experimental “PC running DOS” emulator inside a VR environment.
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  4. Web Assembly COBOL Pong — The silliest flex of the week: Pong written in COBOL, compiled to WebAssembly.
  5. Scaling an Engineering Team from 0 to Infinity — Really good breakdown of the different ways engineering team needs and structure change as the company grows.
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