Four short links: 16 February 2017

Memory-Busting Javascript, Taobao Villages, Drone Simulation, and Bio Bots

By Nat Torkington
February 16, 2017
  1. ASLR-Busting Javascript (Ars Technica) — modern chips randomize where your programs actually live in memory, to make it harder for someone to overwrite your code. This clever hack (in Javascript!) makes the CPU cache reveal (through faster returns) where your code is. I’m in awe.
  2. China’s Taobao Villages (Quartz) — Today, the township and its surrounding area are China’s domestic capital for one rather specific category of products: acting and dance costumes. Half of the township’s 45,000 residents produce or sell costumes—ranging from movie-villain attire to cute versions of snakes, alligators, and monkeys—that are sold on Alibaba-owned Taobao, the nation’s largest e-commerce platform.
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  4. Aerial Informatics and Robotics platform (Microsoft) — open source drone simulator.
  5. How to Build Your Own Bio Bot (Ray Kurzweil) — researchers are sharing a protocol with engineering details for their current generation of millimeter-scale soft robotic bio-bots.
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