Four short links: 17 June 2020

Drive and Listen, Veblenian Entrepreneurship, Gestural UI, and Loglo

By Nat Torkington
June 17, 2020
Four Short Links

  1. Drive and Listen — Video of driving through a city, and you can flip through the local radio stations. Quite an impressive sense of place. (As I write this, I’m bicycling/scootering through Wuhan.)
  2. Veblenian EntrepreneurshipVeblenian Entrepreneurship. This is entrepreneurship pursued primarily as a form of conspicuous consumption. Aside from lowering average entrepreneurial quality, Veblenian Entrepreneurship has a range of (short-run) positive and (medium and long-run) negative effects for both individuals and society at large. We argue that the rise of the Veblenian Entrepreneur has contributed to creating an increasingly Untrepreneurial Economy. That is an economy which superficially appears innovation-driven and dynamic, but is actually rife with inefficiencies and unable to generate economically meaningful growth through innovation.
  3. Earbud Gestural UIWe propose EarBuddy, a real-time system that leverages the microphone in commercial wireless earbuds to detect tapping and sliding gestures near the face and ears.
  4. Loglo“LOGO for the Glowforge”: an experimental — very experimental — programming environment by Avi Bryant. It’s currently focused on the narrow domain of producing SVG output to feed to a CNC machine or laser cutter. A really cute cross between Postscript and a spreadsheet.

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