Four short links: 17 November 2017

Interactive Marginalia, In-Person Interactions, Welcoming Groups, and Systems Challenges

By Nat Torkington
November 17, 2017
  1. Interactive Marginalia (Liza Daly) — wonderfully thoughtful piece about web annotations.
  2. In-Person InteractionsCasual human interaction gives you lots of serendipitous opportunities to figure out that the problem you thought you were solving is not the most important problem, and that you should be thinking about something else. Computers aren’t so good at that. So true! (via Daniel Bachhuber)
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  4. Pacman RuleWhen standing as a group of people, always leave room for 1 person to join your group. (via Simon Willison)
  5. Berkeley View of Systems Challenges for AIIn this paper, we propose several open research directions in systems, architectures, and security that can address these challenges and help unlock AI’s potential to improve lives and society.
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