Four short links: 18 September 2017

AI Journos, AI Hype, Faces from Photos, and Regulating Online Advertising

By Nat Torkington
September 18, 2017
  1. AI-Produced JournalismIn its first year, the Post has produced around 850 articles using Heliograf. That included 500 articles around the election that generated more than 500,000 clicks — not a ton in the scheme of things, but most of these were stories the Post wasn’t going to dedicate staff to anyway. […] It’s unclear how that approach can be scaled to cover local communities, where the digital news model has fallen short. Heliograf can be used to digest data like standardized test scores and crime stats; covering a zoning board meeting is another matter. And AI isn’t being used beyond big news organizations, Lewis pointed out. “There’s such a huge gap between the AI haves and have-nots. We are many years away from these things being implemented at the local level.”
  2. Deep Learning Hype in One Picture (Alex Lebrun) — NIPS conference registrations, 2002 through 2017).
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  4. Facial Reconstruction From a Single Photo — experiment with the code from the paper.
  5. How Did We End Up Here? (John Battelle) — US regulators are looking at the online ad world, and may align its regulations with those of newspapers (which must attribute political speech, etc.). That has implications for platform immunity, not to mention profits.
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