Four short links: 19 February 2020

Devil's Dictionary, Bioinformatics, OpenAI, and AI Research Rankings

By Nat Torkington
February 19, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Devil’s Dictionary of Programmingdsl—a domain specific language, where code is written in one language and errors are given in another.
  2. Rosalinda platform for learning bioinformatics and programming through problem solving.
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  4. OpenAI Gets Commercial (MIT TR) — deep learning seems to be the most effective direction for AGI research; compute required is doubling every 3.4 months, which consumes cash, so they need to make money, so there’s a lot less publishing and a lot more nervous eyes toward commercial projects that might bring in revenue.
  5. AI Research Rankings 2019China has steadily increased its share of authorship of the top 10% most-cited papers: China’s share was at 26.5% in 2018, not far behind the United States at 29%.
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