Four short links: 2 April 2020

COVID19 Model, Readings on Time, Language Censorship, and Haxx0r vim

By Nat Torkington
April 2, 2020
Four Short Links

  1. Imperial College’s COVID19 Model — in github, in R, MIT-licensed. This repository has code for replication purposes. The bleeding edge code and advancements are done in a private repository.
  2. Readings on TimeI bumped on this idea while reading Alan Kay’s writing about making the difference between mutable and immutable data “moot” in the context of FP vs. OOP by bringing in the concept of managed time. Since then I have been on the look out for material that helps develop my understanding on this subject. It is a fertile area with a lot of open problems for research and bringing back the fruits of these labour as an interactive system will unlock new pathways in computing. Here I present a collection of some of the resources that have helped me in charting my journey.
  3. Douyin Suspending Cantonese Livestreamers — you might dislike Facebook’s privacy settings but they don’t tell people they can’t speak their own language.
  4. vim cubed — awful to use, but it looks GREAT.

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