Four short links: 2 March 2020

Rollout Automation, Internet of Quarantined People, Draft Book, and p5.js Hits 1.0

By Nat Torkington
March 2, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Gandalf: An Intelligent, End-to-end Analytics Service for Safe Deployment in Cloud-scale Infrastructure — a paper on Azure’s rollout-monitoring software that analyzes more than 20TB of data per day: 270K platform events on average (770K peak), 600 million API calls, with data on over 2,000 different fault types. If Gandalf doesn’t like what that data is telling it, it will pause a rollout and send an alert to the development team. (That’s from Morning Paper, which has a readable summary of the paper)
  2. Quarantine Cooking (New Yorker) — we tend to think of the Chinese internet as just a battleground—activists and censors locked in an endless conflict. But, to many it is also homey and comforting, parts of it as familiar as a cozy kitchen. Quarantine cooking captures their boredom, their loneliness, their creativity, and their desire for connection amid anxiety and panic. The street will find a way.
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  4. Draft of the BookThese draft notebooks cover an introduction to deep learning,, and PyTorch.
  5. p5.js 1.0 — the celebratory Medium post summarizes what’s gone into the release, but it’s everything from tooling to I18N, libraries, and docs.
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