Four short links: 2 October 2017

Mimic Robot, How Companies Develop, Tim on The Future, and Hardware Startups

By Nat Torkington
October 2, 2017
  1. Bipedal Oriented Whole Body Master-Slave Robot (YouTube) — the master/slave lingo is dated, but the video is pretty cool. I hope the paper will show up on the conference page soon.
  2. The Evolution of Continuous Experimentation in Software Product DevelopmentAt first, [companies] inherit the Agile principles within the development part of the organization and expand them to other departments. Next, companies focus on various lean concepts such as eliminating waste, removing constraints in the development pipeline, and advancing toward continuous integration and continuous deployment. … Continuous deployment is characterized by a bidirectional channel that enables companies not only to send data to their customers to rapidly prototype with them, but also to receive feedback data from products in the field. (via Adrian Colyer)
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  4. Don’t Fear Technology, Robots, or the Future — interview with Tim O’Reilly. So much sense.
  5. Hardware Startups, Failure, and Success (CB Insights) — We’ve tracked a tech startup’s chances of success after raising an initial seed round, including both hardware and software companies. Only 46% of them will succeed in raising even just one additional round of funding. We also found that 70% of them will die or become “zombies”—i.e., self-sustaining. Imagine a mindset where being self-sufficient makes you a zombie.
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