Four short links: 20 December 2017

Dynamicland, Censorship Data, Google Maps vs. Apple Maps, and MTurk Wages Suck

By Nat Torkington
December 20, 2017
  1. Dynamicland — more from Bret Victor’s new project. A communal computer. Agency, not apps. Thinking like a whole human.
  2. WeiboscopeOne of the objectives of the project is to make censored Sina Weibo posts of a selected group of Chinese microbloggers publicly accessible, which enables academic use of the data for better understanding of the social media in China and making the Chinese media system more transparent. Since January 2011, the project has been regularly sampling timelines of more than 350,000 Chinese microbloggers who have more than 1,000 followers.
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  4. Google Maps’ Moat — detailed (omg so detailed) breakdown of how Google’s lead in map data is compounding as they extract more and more value from the data.
  5. A Data-Driven Analysis of Workers’ Earnings on Amazon Mechanical TurkWe recorded 2,676 workers performing 3.8 million tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Our task-level analysis revealed that workers earned a median hourly wage of only ~$2/h, and only 4% earned more than $7.25/h. The average requester pays more than $11/h, although lower-paying requesters post much more work. Our wage calculations are influenced by how unpaid work is included in our wage calculations—e.g., time spent searching for tasks, working on tasks that are rejected, and working on tasks that are ultimately not submitted.
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