Four short links: 20 January 2017

HPC Training, Hard Tech, Analytics Platform, and Government-Vended Surveillance Data

By Nat Torkington
January 20, 2017
  1. Extreme Computing Lectures — from Argonne National Labs’ Extreme Computing Training course. Scary-hard HPC for Dummies.
  2. How To Build a Hard Tech Startup — rings true to me. The forces of physics, biology, and Moore’s Law can bedevil you in unexpected ways. Building a winning product is already challenging enough; with hard tech startups, the obstacles are even greater.
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  4. Myria — open source from the University of Washington. A scalable analytics-as-a-service platform based on relational algebra.
  5. Cashing In On Dystopiathe sale of personal data through an information black market that appears to be plugged into national police and government databases already. (via Glyn Moody)
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