Four short links: 20 January 2020

AR Lenses, Faux Keyboard Noises, Tech Villainy, and Data Tests

By Nat Torkington
January 20, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. AR Contact LensThe path ahead is not a short one; contact lenses are considered medical devices and therefore need US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. But the Mojo Lens has been designated as an FDA Breakthrough Device, which will speed things up a little. And clinical studies have begun.
  2. BucklespringThis project emulates the sound of my old faithful IBM Model-M space saver bucklespring keyboard while typing on my notebook, mainly for the purpose of annoying the hell out of my coworkers.
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  4. Orange Badge (Tim Bray) — At some point, it’s going to be a real problem being management in a sector that’s widely feared and distrusted. But we in the tech tribe haven’t really internalized much about this yet. This. Silicon Valley failed to die a hero, so has lived long enough to see itself become the villain.
  5. Great ExpectationsPipeline tests are applied to data (instead of code) and at batch time (instead of compile or deploy time). Pipeline tests are like unit tests for datasets: they help you guard against upstream data changes and monitor data quality. Software developers have long known that automated testing is essential for managing complex codebases. Great Expectations brings the same discipline, confidence, and acceleration to data science and engineering teams.
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