Four short links: 20 November 2019

Local First, Worker-Owned Apps, Differently Correct, and Recommender Simulations

By Nat Torkington
November 20, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. Local-First Software: You Own Your Data, in Spite of the Cloud — Findings: CRDT technology works; the user experience with offline work is splendid; developer experience is viable when combined with functional reactive programming (FRP); conflicts are not as significant a problem as we feared; visualizing document history is important; URLs are a good mechanism for sharing; peer-to-peer systems are never fully “online” or “offline,” and it can be hard to reason about how data moves in them; CRDTs accumulate a large change history, which creates performance problems; network communication remains an unsolved problem; cloud servers still have their place for discovery, backup, and burst compute. (via The Morning Paper)
  2. Worker-Owned Apps Are Trying to Fix the Gig Economy’s Exploitation (VICE) — workers are seizing the means of production and disintermediating the gig economy middlemen by building their own apps, co-op style. (via Boing Boing)
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  4. A Pirate’s Guide to Accuracy, Precision, Recall, and Other Scores — essential knowledge for anyone who works with data, and prediction systems in particular, because they’re possible ways to answer the question “how correct are my predictions?”
  5. RecSim — Google AI’s configurable platform for authoring simulation environments to facilitate the study of RL algorithms in recommender systems (and CIRs in particular). (via Google AI Blog)
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