Four short links: 21 August 2017

Cloud Operations, Machine Learning Radio, Flying Cameras, and Text Organization

By Nat Torkington
August 21, 2017
  1. Paracloud: Bringing Application Insight into Cloud OperationsIn this work, we propose a uniform Paracloud interface (PaCI) to enable a bi-directional communication channel between application containers and the cloud management substrate. An application knows how it’s doing, which it reports through this interface so the cloud management layer can figure how/when to migrate, scale, load balance. (via A Paper A Day)
  2. DARPA Wants Machine Learning for Radio SignalsAn RFMLS would be able to discern subtle differences in the RF signals among identical, mass-manufactured IoT devices and identify signals intended to spoof or hack into these devices. “We want to … stand up an RF forensics capability to identify unique and peculiar signals amongst the proverbial cocktail party of signals out there,” Tilghman said.
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  4. XPose: Reinventing User Interaction with Flying Cameras — clever! Drone takes a bunch of shots in a pre-programmed path, then the operators says which shot they like the best, and the drone returns to that location so the operator can refine the framing and focus for a final shot. Good to see the drone being servant to the photo, which is the thing the user cares about.
  5. Tree Sheets — freeform text organizer. Nice!
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