Four short links: 21 December 2016

Topic Modeling, Datafication, Toy Spies, and Partisan Beliefs

By Nat Torkington
December 21, 2016
  1. Gensim — topic modeling in Python for humans.
  2. Datafication and Ideological BlindnessReplacing strategy with metric optimization is stupid enough, but it’s even more dangerous for companies that choose the same metric as competitors.[…] A strategy is useless if your stronger competitor has the same strategy. Without differentiation there’s no advantage. Execution of the strategy matters, though.
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  4. Listening Dollsthe conversations that Cayla records are sent to servers at a company called Genesis, which makes the doll, and to another company called Nuance, which makes voice-recognition software for this any many other products. Nuance also has a database used by law enforcement and military and intelligence agencies that matches voiceprints.
  5. Partisan Bias in Factual Beliefs about Politics — indications that partisanship decreases in the face of a cost for being wrong.
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