Four short links: 21 July 2016

Hints for System Design, REST Guidelines, HTTP Lint, and Skype Centralises

By Nat Torkington
July 21, 2016
  1. Hints For Computer System Design — old paper on software engineering best practices, from ’80s computer scientists. I’ve been taking notes in a gist. Make it fast, rather than general or powerful. One of several low-level suggestions that have high-level analogues in the modern-day product management advice of being able to say “no” to customers rather than implement every random whim.
  2. Microsoft REST API Guidelines — technical guidelines for MS APIs.
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  4. httpolice — linter for HTTP requests, takes HAR files or the raw streams and can integrate with mitmproxy. WIN.
  5. Skype Finalises Its Move to the Cloud — Skype used to be p2p and decentralised, now it’s firmly cloud-based and centralised. That brings with it the ability and risk of surveillance (and leaves behind a few TVs and other devices that hard-baked the no-longer-supported p2p protocol).
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