Four short links: 21 June 2017

CTO Advice, Slurping Citations, Distrust Your Network, Encrypted Yet Insecure Databases

By Nat Torkington
June 21, 2017
  1. CTO AdviceWhen hiring candidates, ask for their operating manual. Tell candidates: “Imagine you’re a robot. What does your manual say under ‘ideal operating conditions.’” Once they answer, follow-up with this question: “What does the ‘warning label’ say?” You’re likely to get insightful, unpredictable, and humorous answers in this very low-lift way of gauging self-awareness and revealing personality. Lots of really good advice.
  2. pdfx — a script that pulls citations and references out of a PDF, downloads those references, even pulls the text out of the paper.
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  4. Google Releases New BeyondCorp Paper — their corporate identity and access system, which lets them distrust even their internal network. Nice.
  5. Why Your Encrypted Database Is Not SecureEncrypted databases, a popular approach to protecting data from compromised database management systems (DBMS’s), use abstract threat models that capture neither realistic databases, nor realistic attack scenarios.
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