Four short links: 21 June 2019

Private Computation, Robot Framework, 3D Objects, and Self-Supervised Learning

By Nat Torkington
June 21, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. Private Join and Compute (Google) — This functionality allows two users, each holding an input file, to privately compute the sum of associated values for records that have common identifiers. (via Wired)
  2. PyRobot — from CMU and Facebook. PyRobot is a framework and ecosystem that enables AI researchers and students to get up and running with a robot in just a few hours, without specialized knowledge of the hardware or of details such as device drivers, control, and planning.
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  4. PartNeta consistent, large-scale dataset of 3D objects annotated with fine-grained, instance-level, and hierarchical 3D part information. Our dataset consists of 573,585 part instances over 26,671 3D models covering 24 object categories. This dataset enables and serves as a catalyst for many tasks such as shape analysis, dynamic 3D scene modeling and simulation, affordance analysis, and others. (via IEEE Spectrum )
  5. Self-Supervised Learning (Andrew Zisserman) — 122 slides, very readable, about learning from images, from video, and from video with sound.
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