Four short links: 21 October 2019

Browser History, Competition Programming, Wi-Fi Secrets, and Pascal Returns

By Nat Torkington
October 21, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. Memex — open source browser extension to full-text search your browsing history and bookmarks.
  2. Competition Programming and Problem Solving, Fall 2019 — CMU course.
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  4. Pwnagotchi 1.0.0I wanted Alpha and Beta to be able to detect each other and exchange with each other very basic information—but how do you communicate anything at all from a computer when: the main and only Wi-Fi interface is in monitor mode and already being used for Wi-Fi scanning, hopping, and frames injection; you have Bluetooth, but you want to keep it free for other uses (tethering, like we’re doing today, or maybe integrating BLE attacks, too, some day); you’re using the USB ports in gadget mode, so you can’t use external USB devices, like another Wi-Fi.
  5. Turbo Rascal 1.0 — Pascal IDE for C64 games, with a ton of specialized features (memory, level editing, etc). At the same time, FreePascal has a WebAssembly back end. Pascal’s a fun language for learning compilers on, but not really fully featured for building modern systems. I wonder how this new school of compiler and IDE developers can take their skills to a wider audience.
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