Four short links: 22 December 2016

Brainless Slime, Significance Testing, Year of Breaches, and Deploying to AWS

By Nat Torkington
December 22, 2016
  1. A Brainless Slime That Shares Memories by Fusing — but enough about Silicon Valley, here’s some science.
  2. When Null Hypothesis Significance Testing is Unsuitable for Research: A Reassessment (John Ioannidis) — Null hypothesis significance testing (NHST) has several shortcomings that are likely contributing factors behind the widely debated replication crisis of psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and biomedical science in general. We review these shortcomings and suggest that, after about 60 years of negative experience, NHST should no longer be the default, dominant statistical practice of all biomedical and psychological research.
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  4. Learning from a Year of BreachesThis year’s incidents involving APT groups notably focused their attacks directly on employee’s personal emails and endpoints. Whether they show up at the office with their personal devices won’t matter if they’re sharing credentials or access tokens on personal accounts and devices, or accessing corporate accounts from home.
  5. Deploying AWS with Terraform and Shell Scripts — an 18F one-day training class. (via Jez Humble)
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