Four short links: 22 Feb 2017

Delayed Feedback, Post-Human World, APL in R, and Demand-Driven Digitized Markets

By Nat Torkington
February 22, 2017
  1. Why We’re Suspicious of Immediate FeedbackSimmons and Cope (1993) found that students were more likely to use procedural strategies like trial and error in a condition of immediate feedback than a condition of delayed feedback.
  2. The Post-Human World (The Atlantic) — interview with Yuval Harari, whose Sapiens was so damn good. My nephew and these children got into a bit of a fight because they were trying to capture the same invisible creatures. It seemed strange to me. But these Pokémon were very real to the children. And then it hit me: This is just like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict! You have two sides fighting over something that I cannot see. I look at the stones of buildings in Jerusalem and I just see stones. But Christians, Jews, and Muslims who look at the same stones see a holy city. It’s their imagination, but they are willing to kill for it. That’s virtual reality, too.
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  4. APL in R — and you thought R was hard to learn.
  5. Manifestos and MonopoliesIn this brave new world, power comes not from production, not from distribution, but from controlling consumption: all markets will be demand driven; the extent to which they already are is a function of how digitized they have become.
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