Four short links: 22 January 2019

Data Science with Puzzles, Formal Methods, Sketching from Photos, and Teaching Machines

By Nat Torkington
January 22, 2019
Four short links
  1. Teaching Data Science with Puzzles (Irene Steves) — genius! The repo has the puzzles in an R project.
  2. Why Don’t People Use Formal Methods? — a really good introduction to the field and current challenges. And entertainingly written: Proofs are hard. Obnoxiously hard. “Quit programming and join the circus” hard. Surprisingly, formal code proofs are often more rigorous than the proofs most mathematicians write! Mathematics is a very creative activity with a definite answer that’s only valid if you show your work. Creativity, formalism, and computers are a bad combination.
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  4. Photo Sketching: Inferring Contour Drawings from Images — the examples in the paper are impressive.
  5. History of Teaching Machines (Audrey Watters) — a bit of context for the ZOMG APPS WILL SAVE EDUCATION mania.
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