Four short links: 22 June 2016

AI Goals, Progressive Web Apps, VR Scale, and a Spaceship Generator

By Nat Torkington
June 22, 2016
  1. Open AI Technical Goals — when someone sets you up “to create safe AI,” your first step has to be to figure out what the path to that will look like. Open AI’s first set of targets: build a household robot, build an agent with useful natural language understanding, and solve a wide variety of games using a single agent.
  2. Ambient Badging and “Pop Into Browser” — there’s innovation happening in the Progressive Web Apps world that’s delightful to see. Here, Opera joins the party with a few experimental additions that add to the features set of PWAs.
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  4. A Third of Valve is Now Working on VR and the Next Generation of Headsets — the trickle-down tech from gaming is going to be awesome.
  5. Spaceship Generator — so. damn. cool.
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