Four short links: 22 June 2020

Root Causes, Humor, Bluetooth Latency, and Computing with Vision

By Nat Torkington
June 22, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Root Causeshere are a set of “root causes” that I think are close to exhaustive: (1) trade-off: we were aware of this concern but explicitly made the speed-vs-quality trade-off (IE, not adding tests for an experiment). This was tech debt coming back to bite us. (2) knowledge gap: the person doing the work was not aware that this kind of error was even possible (IE, tricky race conditions, worker starvation). (3) brain fart: now that we look at it, we should have caught this earlier. “Just didn’t get enough sleep that night” kind of thing.
  2. Software Engineer D&D ClassesSpecial ability: Hotfix. All party members immediately gain 1d4 + 1 HP and any damaged equipment is instantly repaired, but you must skip your next turn.
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  4. Bluetooth Latency — Bluetooth headsets introduce 150-300ms of latency. (via Ben Kuhn)
  5. Computing with Visiona research program with the goal of devising ways of converting digital logic circuits into visual stimuli – “visual circuits” – which, when presented to the eye, “tricks” the visual system into carrying out the digital logic computation and generating a perception that amounts to the “output” of the computation. That is, the technique amounts to turning our visual system into a programmable computer.
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