Four short links: 22 May 2017

Meta Tutorial, Network Game, Indigenous VR, and Facebook Moderation

By Nat Torkington
May 22, 2017
  1. An Interactive Tutorial on Making Interactive Tutorials — full of the little details that you only learn by doing many times. (via @redblobgames)
  2. Netsim — a simulator game designed to teach high schoolers about networking theory. (via @errorinn)
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  4. Indigenous Australia in VR (SMH) — The idea is to create a complex game where the user, wearing an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, can engage with and learn about Aboriginal culture—and it’s the campus elders and other Indigenous people who are driving the content.
  5. The Facebook Files — the Guardian has copies of some of Facebook’s moderation docs. Eye-wateringly, and eye-openingly, comprehensive guides to the situations that crop up online and the rules for navigating them. In one of the leaked documents, Facebook acknowledges “people use violent language to express frustration online” and feel “safe to do so” on the site. It says: “They feel that the issue won’t come back to them and they feel indifferent toward the person they are making the threats about because of the lack of empathy created by communication via devices as opposed to face to face. There’s a lot of (perhaps amateur) psychological analysis behind these guidelines because of the complex social and personal circumstances in the edge-cases and conflicts. The big challenge for Facebook is to curtail some behaviour without removing the engagement-driving illusion that it’s “my Facebook” that I am posting to (when, in fact, it might be more accurate to refer to posting as “crapping all over my friends’ screens.”)
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