Four short links: 22 November 2016

Connections App, Voice UIs, Pentagon's Dystopia, and Robot Armies

By Nat Torkington
November 22, 2016
  1. James Burke’s Connections App — being Kickstarted as we speak. I backed it like a boss.
  2. Designing Voice User Interfacesdon’t ask a question if you won’t be able to understand the answer.
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  4. Pentagon’s Dystopic Sci-Fi Future (The Intercept) — video made to illustrate a possible future: economic have-nots, megacities, and rogues who enable a proliferation of “digital domains” that facilitate “sophisticated illicit economies and decentralized syndicates of crime to give adversaries global reach at an unprecedented level.” (via Ars Technica)
  5. Who Will Command the Robot Armies? (Maciej Ceglowski) — We, on the other hand, didn’t plan a thing. We just built ourselves a powerful apparatus for social control with no sense of purpose or consensus about shared values. Do we want to be safe? Do we want to be free? Do we want to hear valuable news and offers?
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