Four short links: 23 April 2020

Packet Capture, Improving Instagram with Deep Learning, Data Science, and The Spotify Model

By Nat Torkington
April 23, 2020
Four Short Links

  1. MolochLarge scale, open source, indexed packet capture and search.
  2. 3Dify Instagram Photos — open source toolset for adding a 3d effect to photos on Instagram’s web site. It uses 3d-photo-inpainting running in Colab (free GPU) and Cloud pubsub/storage for communication. A glimpse of the future: we could augment all our apps with deep learning-based services, but we still need to conquer paying for the GPUs and making it easy to use.
  3. xkcd 2295 — data science in a nutshell.
  4. Spotify Doesn’t Use “the Spotify Model” and Neither Should You (Jeremiah Lee) — I no longer work at Spotify, so I am sharing my experience to set the record straight. The Spotify squad model failed Spotify and it will fail your company too. EXTREMELY well-written. Full of killer points like Every responsibility a team cedes to increase its focus becomes a new cross-team dependency.

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