Four short links: 23 June 2017

Neural Network Numbers, Pwning Android, Pwning America, and Putting the AR in Mario

By Nat Torkington
June 23, 2017
  1. What I’ve Learned About Neural Network Quantization (Pete Warden) — lots of nerdy gems—for example, on the importance of being able to exactly represent zero: The problem is that the real value of zero shows up a lot more often than you’d expect in neural network calculations. Convolutions are padded with zeros at the edges when filters overlap, and the Relu activation function gates any negative numbers at zero. This means that any error in the zero representation contributes disproportionately to overall results.
  2. Complete Control of the UI Feedback Loop — paper on a design problem in Android, whereby with just two permissions you can then do all sorts of nasties: quietly mount practical, context-aware clickjacking attacks; perform (unconstrained) keystroke recording; steal user’s credentials, security PINs, and two factor authentication tokens; and silently install a God-mode app with all permissions enabled. (via Adrian Colyer)
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  4. Election Data was Changed (Time) — In one case, investigators found there had been a manipulation of voter data in a county database, but the alterations were discovered and rectified, two sources familiar with the matter tell TIME. Investigators have not identified whether the hackers in that case were Russian agents.
  5. AR Super Mario Brothers (YouTube) — I recreated the iconic first level, dressed up as Mario and then played it in Central Park (NYC). Built in Unity3D for the Microsoft Hololens. This video was recorded entirely through the hololens with no post production. Oh. my. (via Sam Kinsley)
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