Four short links: 23 March 2018

Tech Facts, History Lesson, Chrome DevTools, and Online Communities

By Nat Torkington
March 23, 2018
  1. 12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech (Anil Dash) — must read. Some “obvious” things in our world that aren’t obvious to people outside it (or, indeed, to everyone in it). Tech history is poorly documented and poorly understood. […] It’s often near impossible to know why certain technologies flourished, or what happened to the ones that didn’t.
  2. AI, Functional Programming, OOP (Alan Kay) — fascinating reading for the historical perspective on time-tagged data, state, consistency, and scale. John started thinking about modal logics, but then realized that simply keeping histories of changes and indexing them with a “pseudo-time” when a “fact” was asserted to hold, could allow functional and logical reasoning and processing. He termed “situations” all the “facts” that held at a particular time—a kind of a “layer” that cuts through the world lines of the histories.
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  4. Cool Chrome DevTools Tips and TricksScreenshot a single element:
    select an element, press cmd-shift-p (or ctrl-shift-p in Windows) to open the Command Menu, and select Capture node screenshot
    to screenshot a single element. OH HO HO THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.
  5. Groups.ioA modern platform for online communities. Powerful management tools. Mobile ready. Free and paid plans. No ads, no tracking. For those looking to take their groups off Facebook and Google.
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