Four short links: 24 April 2017

Sports Analytics, Book Recommendations, Breakthrough Tech, and Engineering Leadership

By Nat Torkington
April 24, 2017
  1. Bringing IoT to Sports Analytics (Adrian Colyer) — IoT + cricket, two great tastes … You might initially think that gyroscopes and accelerometers would be great for [spin tracking]: but gyroscopes can only cope with spins up to about 5rps (while professional bowlers can generate spin of over 30rps), and gravity is not measured in accelerometers during free-fall. This leaves magnetometers.
  2. Book Recommendations by TED 2017 Speakers — a good and diverse list. Thankfully, they’re not all “Mindfulness Sales Techniques of the Renaissance: A Historic Look at Believing in Yourself for Happiness and Profit” type of bollocks.
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  4. Ten Breakthrough Technologies for 2017 (MIT TR) — the good news is: some of them are hard to turn into advertising business models! They are: reversing paralysis, self-driving trucks, paying with your face, practical quantum computers, the 360-degree selfie, hot solar cells, Gene Therapy 2.0, the cell atlas, botnets of things, and reinforcement learning.
  5. How I Lead 4 Years of Computer EngineeringLife is like a real-time strategy game. It’s great to know beforehand how others played it when they were at your situation. In this short post, I’m summing up scenarios I faced, decisions I made, and their outcomes during four years of computer engineering.
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