Four short links: 24 March 2017

Philosophy, Interactive Simulations, Reproducible Data Science, and Visualizing Connectivity

By Nat Torkington
March 24, 2017
  1. Daniel Dennett’s Science of the Soul (New Yorker) — AI starts a lot of really lousy philosophical debates. Now we need to catch up to the philosophers who have been working on escaping nonsense for years. [T]he researchers, anticipating the discussion’s inexorable transformation into a meditation on “Westworld,” clutched their heads and sighed.
  2. Loopy — a tool to make interactive simulations of complex systems.
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  4. Reproducible Data Analysis in JupyterThis series of videos presents a case study in how I personally approach reproducible data analysis within the Jupyter notebook.
  5. Visualizing Connectivity in Large GraphsWe have two main contributions: (1) two novel visualization techniques that work in concert for summarizing graph connectivity; and (2) Graffinity, an open source implementation of these visualizations supplemented by detail views to enable a complete analysis workflow. Graffinity was designed in a close collaboration with neuroscientists and is optimized for connectomics data analysis, yet the technique is applicable across domains. We validate the connectivity overview and our open source tool with illustrative examples using flight and connectomics data.
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