Four short links: 24 March 2020

Paper Study Groups, Open Source Videoconferencing, Embedded Modules, and Build System

By Nat Torkington
March 24, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Potential Distributed Reading Group on Distributed Systems — for some folks, this will be a great time to start reading groups to work through papers. You’ll never get a time with less physical distraction. (Just remember to ration your socials time or you and your time will vanish into the maelstrom.)
  2. Jitsi Meetopen source videoconferencing.
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  4. Pigweedopen source collection of […] modules built to enable faster and more reliable development on 32-bit microcontrollers. See also Google Open Source blog)
  5. FASTBuilda high-performance, open source build system for Windows, Linux, and OS X. It supports highly scalable compilation, caching, and network distribution. From the largest studios in the world to the smallest independent developers, FASTBuild is used in production every day to develop for PC/Mac/Linux, Consoles, Smartphones, and retro systems.
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