Four short links: 24 May 2017

Travel Mode, Justice Data, Threat Dragon, and Voice Editing

By Nat Torkington
May 24, 2017
  1. 1Password Travel Mode — enable Travel Mode, and all devices not marked Safe For Travel are deleted from your devices. There’s no indicator to let border agents know that Travel Mode is enabled.
  2. Measures for Justice — collects data on justice systems in several states, funded by Gates and Zuckerberg foundations. As Bach says, “Justice in America happens in 3,000 counties, each with its own justice system.” (via Wired)
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  4. OWASP Threat Dragonopen source threat modeling tool from OWASP. It can be used as a standalone desktop app for Windows, MacOS, and Linux or as a web application. (via Tech Beacon)
  5. More Detail on Adobe’s Voice Editing SoftwareVoCo is based on an optimization algorithm that searches the voice recording and chooses the best possible combinations of phonemes (partial word sounds) to build new words in the user’s voice. To do this, it needs to find the individual phonemes and sequences of them that stitch together without abrupt transitions. It also needs to be fitted into the existing sentence so that the new word blends in seamlessly. Words are pronounced with different emphasis and intonation depending on where they fall in a sentence, so context is important. […] In case the synthesized word isn’t quite right, VoCo offers users several versions of the word to choose from. The system also provides an advanced editor to modify pitch and duration, allowing expert users to further polish the track.
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