Four short links: 25 April 2016

VR Movies, Retiring Products, Public Surveys and False Democracy, Federated Design Teams

By Nat Torkington
April 25, 2016
  1. Making Movies with Virtual RealityAs Julia Kaganskiy, who runs an art-and-technology incubator at the New Museum, put it, “We’re watching the semiotics come together in front of our eyes.”
  2. A Methodology for Retiring Products — if you’re any good, you’ll have to do this.
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  4. Boaty McBoatface and the False Promise of Democracy — my take: you want opinions, but you also want committed opinions. Your poll/survey/vote will erect (or fail to erect) barriers to participation, and those barriers represent a measure of commitment. No barriers = lots of votes, but high risk of Boaty McBoatface. High barriers = few votes, but from those who care.
  5. Team Models for Scaling a Design System — actually a dig into federated design teams, which is the rough shape that a lot of large companies end up in. The fundamental tension: As a design system stabilizes, every team I’ve observed has designers that do build, document and sustain it, and designers that can’t or say they want to but don’t.
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