Four short links: 25 April 2019

Values Risk, Brain Interface, Hacking Scooters, and Behavioral Change

By Nat Torkington
April 25, 2019
  1. Fastly S-1 (SEC) — Our dedication to our values may negatively influence our financial results. We have taken, and may continue to take, actions that we believe are in the best interests of our customers and our business, even if those actions do not maximize financial results in the short term. For instance, we do not knowingly allow our platform to be used to deliver content from groups that promote violence or hate, and that conflict with our values like strong ethical principles of integrity and trustworthiness, among others. However, this approach may not result in the benefits that we expect or may result in negative publicity, in which case our business could be harmed. (via Anil Dash)
  2. Brain Implant Can Say What You’re Thinking (IEEE Spectrum) — a new type of BCI, powered by neural networks, that might enable individuals with paralysis or stroke to communicate at the speed of natural speech—an average of 150 words per minute. The technology works via a unique two-step process: first, it translates brain signals into movements of the vocal tract, including the jaw, larynx, lips, and tongue. Second, it synthesizes those movements into speech. The system, which requires a palm-size array of electrodes to be placed directly on the brain, provides a proof of concept that it is possible to reconstruct natural speech from brain activity, the authors say.
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  4. Australian Lime Scooters Hacked To Say Sexual Things To RidersAnd while this was just audio files, there have been concerns about scooter hacks that might be more dangerous. Researchers at the security firm Zimperium recently demonstrated that they could force a scooter to accelerate and brake by using a Bluetooth-enabled app from up to 100m away. But Lime doesn’t operate the scooter model that was used in Zimperium’s hack demonstration. Users are hacking scooters around the world to max out their speed and get free rides. But other people are simply interested in adding a little chaos to the world. People have been placing stickers over the QR codes used to start a ride, smashed the scooters in the street, and sometimes simply set them on fire.
  5. The Behavioural Change Stairway ModelActive Listening; Empathy; Rapport; Influence; Behavioural Change. […] Though the stakes of business negotiations are usually not as high as that of a hostage negotiation, the psychological basis for diffusing conflict are related between the two contexts. The manager who is negotiating with a frustrated employee or client will be well served by walking with his or her counterpart up the “Behavioral Change Stairway.”. (via Simon Willison)
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