Four short links: 25 January 2017

Robot Fist Bump, Emotion Visualization, p-Values, and food2vec

By Nat Torkington
January 25, 2017
  1. The Backstory to Obama’s Fistbump (BoingBoing) — It’s actually a prosthetic robotic arm belonging to Nathan Copeland, who can control it with his mind and sense touch with it.
  2. Plexus: Interactive Emotion Visualization based on Social Media — emotional analysis of things (e.g., cities) based on Tweets about them. (I’m picturing one large rectangle coloured “outrage.”)
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  4. Toward Sustainable Insights (Adrian Colyer) — fantastic intro to p-values and null hypotheses at the start.
  5. food2vec: Augmented cooking with machine intelligence — first analogies: Egg is to bacon as orange juice is to coffee. South Asian is to rice as Southern European is to thyme. Then recommendations: We can use our model of food as a recommendation system for cooks. By taking the average embedding for a set of foods, we can look up foods with the closest embeddings.
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