Four short links: 25 January 2019

IT Failures, Paradigms, AI Governance, Quantum Hokum

By Nat Torkington
January 25, 2019
  1. Biggest IT Failures of 2018 (IEEE) — a coding error with the spot-welding robots at Subaru’s Indiana Automotive plant in Lafayette, Ind., meant 293 of its new Subaru Ascents had to be sent to the car crusher. A similar problem is suspected as the reason behind the welding problems affecting the steering on Fiat Chrysler Jeep Wranglers. This is not the “crushing it” that brogrammers intended.
  2. Programming Paradigms for Dummies: What Every Programmer Should KnowThis chapter gives an introduction to all the main programming paradigms, their underlying concepts, and the relationships between them. We give a broad view to help programmers choose the right concepts they need to solve the problems at hand. We give a taxonomy of almost 30 useful programming paradigms and how they are related. Most of them differ only in one or a few concepts, but this can make a world of difference in programming. (via Adrian Colyer)
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  4. Proposed Model Governance — Singapore Government’s work on regulating AI.
  5. Talent Shortage in Quantum Computing (MIT) — an argument that we need special training for quantum computing, as it’s a mix of engineering and science at this stage in its evolution. This chap would disagree, colorfully: when a subject which claims to be a technology, which lacks even the rudiments of experiment that may one day make it into a technology, you can know with absolute certainty that this “technology” is total nonsense. That was the politest quote I could make.
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