Four short links: 25 November 2016

Malware Phylogenetics, Bipartite News, Human-Like AI, and Structuring Work

By Nat Torkington
November 25, 2016
Four short links
  1. Cosa Nostraa graph-based malware clustering toolkit. Creates phylogenetic trees of malware showing relationships between variants.
  2. Fake News is Not The Only Problemneither side of the graph’s frame was false, per se. Rather, each carefully crafted story on either side omitted important detail and context. When this happens constantly, on a daily basis, it systematically and deeply affects people’s perception of what is real. (via BoingBoing)
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  4. Building Machines that Think and Learn Like People (Paper a Day) — summary of a paper that covers why deep learning alone isn’t likely to get us human-like AI, and hints at what’s needed.
  5. How We Set Up Our Work and Teams at Basecamp (Jason Fried) — six week cycles, with a few weeks in-between for independent clean-up, pet projects, etc. These are not sprints. I despise the word sprints. Sprints and work don’t go together. This isn’t about running all out as fast as you can; it’s about working calmly, at a nice pace, and making smart calls along the way. No brute force here, no catching our collective breath at the end.
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