Four short links: 25 October 2016

EdTech Dictionary, Choose Simple, Dictator's Handbook, and Medical Bioinspiration

By Nat Torkington
October 25, 2016
  1. A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology — brilliant! Analytics, n. pl. “The use of numbers to confirm existing prejudices, and the design of complex systems to generate these numbers.”
  2. Simple Made Easywhile many choose easiness, they may end up with complexity, and the better way is to choose easiness along the simplicity path. (via Living in the Age of Software Fuckery)
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  4. The Dictator’s Handbook (Amazon) — added to my queue, to read with open source projects in mind.
  5. BioInspiration — profile of Jeffrey Karp, whose lab at MIT creates useful medical inventions inspired by natural phenomena. I love the focus on practicality. “When we look to solve problems, it’s not so we can publish papers and get pats on the back from the academic community,” said Nick Sherman, a research technician at Karp Lab. “It’s more like, ‘Is this work going to help patients? If not, how do we make it help them?’”
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