Four short links: 25 September 2020

Incremental Computing, Migration Lessons, Microsoft GPT-3, and Glitch

By Nat Torkington
September 25, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. AdaptonA program P is incremental if repeating P with a changed input is faster than from-scratch computation. Adapton offers programming language abstractions for incremental computation.
  2. Migration Lessons LearnedKeep your migration scripts away from your production code; Keep it low-tech, don’t deserialize; Write tests to exercise each migration script individually; Consider running long migrations online; Consider versioning your documents.
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  4. Microsoft Exclusive License to GPT-3 — If you’re selling compute, the logical complement is a clever system that sucks compute. I assume that’s why Oracle now have a slice of Tik-Tok. Capitalism is weird.
  5. PNGlitchHowever, we do not look at image formats from a general point of view, but rather think of ways to glitch them. When we look at PNG from the point of view of glitch, what kind of peculiarity does it have?
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