Four short links: 26 September 2016

Linking Records, Encrypted Editing, Neural Photo Editing, and Self-Care Resources

By Nat Torkington
September 26, 2016
  1. A Bayesian Approach to Graphical Record Linkage and De-duplication (PDF) — When data about individuals comes from multiple sources, it is often desirable to match, or link, records from different files that correspond to the same individual. Other names associated with record linkage are entity disambiguation, entity resolution, and coreference resolution, meaning that records that are linked or co-referent can be thought of as corresponding to the same underlying entity.
  2. CryptPad — encrypted group text editing, but the server doesn’t know the plaintext being edited. Open source.
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  4. Neural Photo Editor — don’t clone; paint with “what looks like it might go here.” Bizarre!
  5. selfcare.techa repository of self-care resources for developers & others.
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