Four short links: 27 April 2020

Distributed Computation, Consistency Maps, WebAssembly on FPGA, and Reliable Information

By Nat Torkington
April 27, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. Teleforking a Process onto a Different Computer — a working proof of concept (I just don’t replicate tricky things so that I could keep it simple, meaning it’s just a fun tech demo you probably shouldn’t use for anything real) of a telefork() function call that spawns a process on another machine and returns the instance ID.
  2. Consistency MapsJepsen analyses the safety properties of distributed systems–most notably, identifying violations of consistency models. But what are consistency models? What phenomena do they allow? What kind of consistency does a given program really need? In this reference guide, we provide basic definitions, intuitive explanations, and theoretical underpinnings of various consistency models for engineers and academics alike.
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  4. wasmachinewasmachine is an implementation of the WebAssembly specification in a FPGA. It follows a sequential 6-steps design.
  5. Expert Twitter Only Goes So Far: Bring Back Blogs (Wired) — we’re surrounded by opinion machines (because opinion is cheap to produce and make inflammatory, it’s a natural fit for engagement-driven businesses), so it’s nice to find knowledgeable people sharing their expertise. I see The Syllabus and newsletter systems like substack as part of the response to this dearth of high-alpha content. More please!
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