Four short links: 27 Feb 2017

Meta Language, PDF Extraction, Collaborative Editing, Programming Principles

By Nat Torkington
February 27, 2017
  1. A Representation Language Language (PDF) — 1980 CS paper that really should have led with the “there’s no problem that can’t be solved with another layer of indirection” line.
  2. pdfabextracttools written in Python 3 with the aim to extract tabular data from (OCR-processed) PDF files.
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  4. ChainPadreal-time collaborative editor algorithm based on Nakamoto blockchains.
  5. Id Software Programming PrinciplesAs soon as you see a bug, you fix it. Do not continue on. If you don’t fix your bugs your new code will be built on a buggy codebase and ensure an unstable foundation. See a snake, kill a snake.
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