Four short links: 27 February 2020

Map Typeface, Series A, Information Disorders, and Understanding Issues

By Nat Torkington
February 27, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. BellTopo Sans — typeface and free font inspired by the sans serif in old maps. (via Flowing Data)
  2. YC’s Guide to Raising Series AThis guide is a distillation of everything we know about successfully raising an A. It includes insights learned from watching hundreds of founders succeed in raising, and in watching dozens fail.
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  4. Information Disorders (Renee DiResta) — survey proposed regulatory approaches to addressing the range of challenges in the information environment, looking at regulatory proposals around ads, antitrust, and privacy, and how these proposed laws impact the privacy-security-free expression balance. (via
  5. IssuesIssues come in many flavors, for example feature requests, bug reports, customer complaints, security alerts, team retrospectives, etc.; this page describes how our team uses issues, and how we communicate about them.
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