Four short links: 27 January 2017

Ethics of AI, Vertically Integrated Internet, Assessing Empirical Observations, Battery Teardown

By Nat Torkington
January 27, 2017
  1. Virginia Dignum: Ethics of AI — see these notes for the type of material she covers.
  2. Google’s Vertically Integrated Internet — a Hacker News comment worth reading.
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  4. A Guide to Assessing Empirical Evaluations (Adrian Colyer) — here are five questions to help you avoid [traps]: Has all of the data from the evaluation been considered, and not just the data that supports the claim? Have any assumptions been made in forming the claim that are not justified by the evaluation? If the experimental evaluation is compared to prior work, is it an apples-to-oranges comparison? Has everything essential for getting the results been described? Has the claim been unambiguously and clearly stated?
  5. Inside the Tesla 100kWh Battery Pack516 cells per module. That’s 8,256 cells per pack, a ~16% increase vs the 85/90 packs. […] As for real capacity, the BMS reports usable capacity at a whopping 98.4 kWh. It also reports a 4 kWh unusable bottom charge, so that’s 102.4 kWh total pack capacity!
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