Four short links: 27 July 2016

Robotic Furniture, Knitting Compiler, 18F Manual, and 360-Degree Camera Plans

By Nat Torkington
July 27, 2016
  1. Ori Systems — robotic furniture, from MIT Media Lab.
  2. A Compiler for 3D Machine Knitting (Disney Research) — We present a compiler that can automatically turn assemblies of high-level shape primitives (tubes, sheets) into low-level machine instructions. These high-level shape primitives allow knit objects to be scheduled, scaled, and otherwise shaped in ways that require thousands of edits to low-level instructions.
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  4. 18F Employee Manual — fascinating view into working for the clue factory inside DC.
  5. Surround 360 Open Sourced (Facebook) — FB open-sourced the design of their 360-degree camera and software. The open source project includes the hardware camera design and software stitching code that makes end-to-end 3D-360 video capture possible in one system — from shooting to video processing. These pipelines are a control point in that industry, so is interesting to see FB open sourcing theirs.
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