Four short links: 27 June 2016

Tracking Sports, Structural Mapping at Scale, Systems that Don't Suck, and Yak-Shaving-First Development

By Nat Torkington
June 27, 2016
  1. Real-time Camera Panning — Disney Research figured out how to use machine learning to track players in sports.
  2. Extending Structural Mapping to Handle Large-Scale Cognitive Modeling (PDF) — I’m interested to see how techniques like this can be used at the scale of data that the deep learners are working with.
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  4. Can We Design Sociotechnical Systems That Don’t Suck? (Ethan Zuckerman) — Is it possible to get beyond both a naïve belief that the latest technology will solve social problems and a reaction that rubbishes any attempt to offer novel technical solutions as inappropriate, insensitive, and misguided? Can we find a synthesis in which technologists look at their work critically and work closely with the people they’re trying to help in order to build sociotechnical systems that address hard problems?
  5. My God, It’s Full of Yaks!It seems to be yaks all the way down. My computer is full of yaks. I guess all that unproductive hackery is the price we pay for productivity. But it sure doesn’t feel like productivity this week. We’re getting some server strategies that drastically reduce the yak shaving time tax, but the boxes we develop on are still roiling clusterfunks of angry half-shaven yaks.
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